You certainly Don’t Love Me

First, the juvenile past <3200>

Rural already old, it was like a Gou made among themselves for the elderly, in this retains the authentic classical style remote small town, with its unique experience of life shackles with flat countryman’s thoughts, behavior. Heritage from generation to generation, from generation to generation obedience, no one, and no one dared to question its those old-fashioned life experience.

Red Room Lvwa, red paint on the facade hanging two tenon iron ring to face each other around an irregularly placed Street. These irregular houses, the growth of a group of restless children. Rural They grew up thinking of the old, but it has a restless heart.

Some people met too early, too early can not remember where this friendship began. For instance, he and Chen Shan Qing, from Notepad since has appeared in each other’s lives; while some people do not know how to cherish for Love Lane encounter, always detours, such as Chen Yu Qian and Chen Shan Qing, she has been chasing him run; Still others have missed Love in the encounter, is doomed to be hurt, such as he and Kim Ling, he can not give her any promises.

That day, he saw the girl, tall banyan Below, she wore simple blue white skirt, sitting on the cold stone steps, white sneakers on the exposed leg shaking bold.

Day afternoon sunshine, through the tall banyan tree branches sprinkled on her skin as creamy white, mottled light and shadow falling whirling.

Yamay walleye, prime teeth lips, undeniable, and she gave birth to a very beautiful.

Later, Chen Yu Qian’s class meeting, he saw her. Podium, her beauty and Yu Qian sister show to make the night of the classes will be impressive.

Stepped down, Chen Yu Xi Ti Yee get something to eat, the girl also. Chen Yu Qian Da Lielie description: “Her name is Jin Ling, our class took classes oh.” Jin Ling girl who called one pair of scissors water big eyes lovingly watching him, he suddenly that make their remaining Immediately the point impression vanished.

Likewise looked beside ridden Shan Yu Qian Qing sister brother, he seemed a bit puzzled why the Shan Qing brother always look Qianbian expression.

Ping countryman very lazy, they flatter “ears do not hear out of the window, one read only the books of sages” of faith, people who do not bother to come out, which people do not bother to go out. To the eighties and nineties, working frenzy swept through the town, many young people also conform to the trend carries the package to the south, and some of those people back, there’s no news, take people back there, but also vowed not out ……

That year, Ni Zi Hiroshima 16 years old, a year older than him and Chen Shan Hing township high school sophomore in the flat. Jin Ling and Chen Yu Qian usually not familiar with these two girls, because the reason the two of them, began to walk side by side. From childhood into a junior high school when the two lines three lines, four lines now and then, everything seemed a little for granted.

Two boys and two girls, skipping along together, the Internet, or even contradict the teacher together. Their friendship so covered with high school life. Yu Qian sister he gradually understood some deliberately and for, then took Kim Ling sat under the banyan tree, quietly looking at the blue sky, such as washing, to Shan Qing Yu Qian brother and sister more alone time together.

Ping has an ancient river towns and people here seem lazy vowing to carry to the ground, do not bother even named this river, called Rural River. Rural river does not reflect quietly, it seems also liked the name. It is the mother of countryman flat, flat on the government down to the village children are ignorant of its drinking milk, but no one knows it from there, turn flows to go? Also no one has explored. It’s always the quiet, cold, does not seem to flow like.

Pingxiang Pingxiang river quietly watching everything that silent waiting for their story is not the same trend.

Remember Gangshangxiaoxue that would be, they named the same school a child is very Cheng Zhi dislike each other. Ni Hiroshima Azusa good looking kid, features delicate and exquisite, delicate skin. Cheng Zhi laugh at him like a girl, Ni Zi Hiroshima to care little about yourself, but against Chan Shan Qing Cheng Zhi scolded: “You just like a baby girl, your dad like a baby girl, baby girl like your grandfather, your ancestors eighth generation, like baby girl! “Ni Hiroshima looked surprised Chen Shan Zi Qing angry look, a face filled with a happy smile began.

Conflict between children is very simple – good thing we all like. Like wanted to have with you have to pay for that, the river does not back door to be found.

Contradictions and finally in a large outbreak of icy winter, flat village kids like ice glide above the flat countryside river. That day, they met two teenagers, meet exceptionally jealous enemies, Chen Shan Qing Cheng Zhi on the ice with cursing, wrestle with, Ni Zi Hiroshima on the river shouting, crying. The usual gang of kids with Cheng Zhi, just stood there staring.

Ni Hiroshima Azusa voice called dumb, they are still being waged, he went on the ice to help. Too close to one long war, he added, it becomes in a two to one, that is called Cheng Zhi’s flew mercy.

From the river to celebrate the name attributed to Chen Shan, and that is called Cheng Zhi child no longer afraid to laugh Ni Hiroshima Azusa like a girl, even though he was so beautiful.

Childhood licentious life into the junior high school is over. One of the girls called Chen Yu Qian Da Lielie into two juvenile puberty. The kid is another fake girls, they no longer dared to openly undress river to take a bath, had been gradually ignored a “war” in exchange for trophies. Rural river is still a habitual indifference to its flowing, flowing, flowing almost non-existent.

Ni Hiroshima and Chen Yu Qian Zi deliberate and finally met for the results.

That day, Chen Yu Qian arm still look sweet look of indifference Chen Shan Qing told Ni Hiroshima and Jin Ling Zi: “Hiroshima Zi, Jin Ling, my brother finally amended with Shan Qing become immortal, you are the first to know, to bless us Oh. ”

Ni Hiroshima Azusa froze there a bit overwhelmed, he does not understand why he was selected in the third year the most intense period of acceptance Yu Qian sister. All this comes it? No, it is the norm. Chan Yu Qian from the first into the lives of two teenagers start, like Chan Chan Yu Qian Shan Qing, almost already an open secret. Catch from junior high school, persistent and firm feelings are finally paid you?

He blessed her with Kim Ling smiled with him. Chen Yu Qian Jin Ling on the side blinked, meaning without saying apartments. Under his head, pretending it did not see, the heart of loss but no apparent reason together, when they appear in the lives of love, friendship seems to become dispensable. It turned out that young again precious friendship can compare Sentimental love.

Perhaps someday end, he and Kim Ling, Yu Qian, he and sister, both will become inevitable, then in accordance with their respective track to climb to find that their life is like two parallel lines steadfast dedication, and can not go any closer heating, doomed distant sea, might never have crossed. Those once beautiful, young memories will eventually go with the flow of Things Past and …… think of these, Ni Hiroshima Azusa felt his heart like a hollowed-like, empty hole, what precious thing in getting away from yourself, life no more color.

He took Jin Ling 一杯接一杯 drinking. See Chen Shan Qing hazy pulled Chen Yu Qian gone, do not look. He wanted, he fall in love, can not figure out how or askew face …… and continue to drink!

Ni Hiroshima Azusa apparently drunk, Jin Ling has been with her, he thought, but fortunately there Jinling, fortunately.

Time as full a filling hourglass, Ni Hiroshima Azusa feel abandoned, even absurd. He and Jin Ling busy learning, Yu Qian Shan Qing sister and brother busy falling in love. Four people occasionally get together, and each by that time, Ni Hiroshima Azusa always felt an invisible line in the shackles of their own, dull atmosphere was depressing, depression was that he could not breathe faster. Two girls pretending to be easy conversation, the two boys are always cool-like silence. Gradually, he no longer accepts Chen Yu Qian’s invitation. Jin Ling is naturally accompanied him, so out of four people into two groups.

Cheng Zhi joke him: “Ni Hiroshima Azusa, your brother Shan Qing re-colored relatives, do not you.” Eyes glance from time to time to accompany Kim Ling beside him.

Ni Hiroshima Azusa silence, Cheng Zhi liked from a child against him. However, there are around Chan Shan Qing, he categorically did not dare to provoke him, like a mouse saw the cat-like stay away …… typical villain, Ni Hiroshima Azusa naturally ignore the villain.

Cheng Zhi asked for boring, Samsam left.

Ni Hiroshima Azusa time hourglass in his noses lost little by little, he felt empty and uncomfortable. Winter, he came with a gold Ling Rural river ice, cold look at her thin body shivering in the wind, I felt my heart was cold filled the hole, gave him a cold satisfaction and then gradually turned into a biting sense of satisfaction that cold, cold through the heart, but he is no resistance to the force. As she watched Kim Ling indifference shivering, not learn draped a dress for her. Let those cold pain slicing into the hearts of the hole, and his life never be brought back once colorful.

School, frantically review, desperately want to make the hearts of the hole. Jin Ling accompanied him to review, accompanied him stay up all night, accompanied him to the library, he must make this girl happy, Ni Hiroshima Azusa in thought. Shan Qing brother was probably think so, after all, Yu Qian sister had been with him since junior high.

He never opening any commitment to Jin Ling, because he will not, do not understand how to give her a promise, and he heard the other two did not play the current situation, because he was not, was not ready to accept the inevitable.

Some say, the third year of life is gray, dull, he thought sure is.

Graduated, he was afraid to inquire about any messages between them, but he usually does not love to go out again and again accompanied Kim Ling in the flat countryside stroll the ancient streets, but no one met them, Pingxiang He got his wish in the sky get a college acceptance letter or gray.

Pingxiang leaving that day, nearly half unseen Chen Yu Qian finally appeared. Correct facial features droop in the face, emaciated, had not had to catch Chen Shan Qing sweet, and is where changed? He did not dare openly asked what had ears listening to Kim Ling concerned asking questions, Chen Yu Qian just smile, smile bless him and Kim Ling.

“Shan Qing brother do?” Foot on the train at the moment, he finally asked, still did not hold back.

Yu Qian sister sadly the bottom head, long, long time, just as he thought she did not hear his question, she was finally raised his head slowly replied: “He’s busy with preparations for his own company, we did not apply for college.” Train has been slowly rolled.

It seems that this is the end, he took into the unknown Jinling University, he worked hard to stay at home with his girlfriend. But, it seems.

Second, their own happiness <6200>

In the end turn to see how much you want to turn the corner of happiness?

Ni Hiroshima looked at Jin Ling Zi dormitory back, inexplicably think of this sentence. At this point they have male and female friends. He and other college students, fall in love, make friends, participate in community, peace of mind squandering beautiful youth, will remind his hourglass throw too far. He Ni Hiroshima Azusa this time is T big famous school grass, and even had a joke to his Cheng Zhi also had to admit that he has been hard in pursuit of Jin Ling Zi’s boyfriend Ni Hiroshima was a handsome man, but, this is He Ni Hiroshima Azusa happiness? Not too much fun not too much sadness, he Ni Hiroshima Azusa want?

He does not know. So, why do you want to accept her quest?

Because not bear it. From high school to college, she has been abandoned to accompany him. Shan Qing Yu Qian brother and sister do, just because you wait Yoga Qian sister? Yes and no!

Two other people do? Happy yet? His way back to the dorm, always looking at the night sky without a trace boundless ask these ignorant question. Whether starry night, or the moon in the sky of the sky, or like tonight, this dark curtain, gave him not to answer.

For two years, does not return Pingxiang, not to inquire about the other two people’s lives, to accept Jin Ling of waiting, everything seems to be a matter of course.

Phone rang, a strange number.


There is no sound.

He looked at the phone, call ……

“Hello? Speak?”

Still no sound.

“Do not say I hung up.”

The other also does not say anything, he seems to guess what.

“Yes Shan Qing brother do?” Asked tentatively.

“Hiroshima Azusa.” Cell phone came his familiar gentle.

“Really you, Shan Qing brother.”

“Ah, your kid out, and I do not contacted?” He asked.

Contact? When did this thing in the end cut off from it? Jin Ling from the emergence? From his relationship with Yu Qian sister confirm? Rural or from the day he left?

“Ah …… Yu Qian sister do? You okay?” He did not know how to answer, had not replied.

The other seems to be silent for a child.

“She was gone.”

“Gone, where have you been?”

“Leave Pingxiang.” Chen Shan Qing sitting home on the top floor, looking at the endless night Pingxiang, Yu Qian leaving remembered some words, some nervous and some fear, some joy and some hesitation.

“Leave Pingxiang, you ……?”

“Do not mention us, how about you over there?”


Both of them have been broken intermittently by telephone link up with the color of the sky, the stars have a life, life seems to have returned to its usual attitude.

Chen Shan Qing company was very successful, just two years has been done in the flat countryside angry wind unboiled water. The Ni Hiroshima Azusa Sentimental, or that have not completed their college students do not understand things difficult, do not know how fate, love is not clear why the matter ……

“I did not come here to read the university should choose, you do not tell me your plans and now you are the boss of a company, and I still use their parents’ money.” He smiled complain.

“I had to see you go with Jin Ling, quite close, and went to college is a wonderful thing, and I how the nerve to disturb it.” Chen Shan Qing smile.

“There, ah, I did see Yu Qian sister is finally catch up with you, and want to give you the opportunity to be alone, before the Jinling La go.”


Bored, when something happens, happy, sad, two people on the phone will be always used to their current situation, ideas inform each other.

“Shan Qing brother, do you believe in parallel time and space!!!”

He sat on the top floor of a large T, looking at the starry restored to life, blinked, naughty cute. He laughed, casually opening tone without any doubt, he does not expect him to answer his question this silly.

Chen Shan Qing grew up with them at the moment sitting Rural river, no matter how many years have passed, it is still crystal clear. Child through the river looked like a sky full of Qi. He believes there are parallel time and space, because he believed in that parallel time and space, they are together. But he did not answer, he can not answer!

“I believe, I believe that in this world there are so a place where there is no secular, no rumors, no taboos, no fighting, no power, no intrigue, even without money, everyone with their most beloved people to live the most extraordinary days. “He is like telling an ancient legend, the sound slow and calm.

“Hiroshima Azusa, how do you, with Kim Ling’s feelings wrong?” Chen Shan Qing concerned ask, in this world, and only he knows best him.

“Shan Qing brother, you said I was not a bad track, she accompanied me for so many years, I actually still can not give what she wanted, so she left.” Ni Hiroshima Azusa revealing a smile, think of Kim Ling tearful cheeks , it was the first time she angry at him, because she is not care, just do not say it.

“No, we Hiroshima Azusa so powerful, a lot of girls waiting How about you, is that she did not have luck.” Chen Shan Qing consolation, his tone consistent with stable transmission calm.

“I was sorry for her.” Ni Hiroshima Azusa grief.

Chen Shan Qing silent child, Hou at wrestled with words, half the day before, said:

“Not every piece of love should have the results, nor is it the outcome of each section of love is happiness.”

Ni Zi in the heart of Hiroshima chew him this turn, it seems useful to taste. Think of themselves and between the various Jin Ling, said: “Maybe, we this is inappropriate, only together with each other pain forced it.”

“If you want to understand just fine.” He smiled.

He smiled: “What kind of people fit me?”

Chen Shan Qing froze for a moment, and after quite a while before saying: “Do not worry, in this world there will always be one person who makes you willing to pay promised, that person appears, you will naturally know.” His voice let him feel at ease with a kind of magic.

“Ah, ……”

Jin Ling did not really leave. Two days later, she was always, in his life, Kim Ling smiled and apologized: “I was vexatious, and Hiroshima Azusa around besides me there is no other girl, I still worry about it?” Said came up holding his arm.

But he still can not give her any promises, I think Chen Shan Qing, then perhaps she is ultimately her, not how she will not be her.

After graduation, Ni Hiroshima Zi Ling back to the flat with a gold town, he helped Chen Shan Qing care company, Jin Ling to take care of his daily affairs.

See Chen Shan Qing, it seems what changed, he matured, stable, and before the face of indifference often goes face with a gentle smile, her body with a kind of anger and prestige of the deterrent effect. He ruled the whole company under the next several thousand people, in a word, an action, with stability, it is worth convincing force. And it seems nothing has changed, in an office, one of his hands, one looked up, he knows what he needs, he’s a frown, a silence, he also knows that if he was feeling grew by nearly. As usual, two full understanding.

Hiroshima Zi Yu Qian Ni sister asked why the left, inside the phone indefinable something that he wants his face to give him an explanation. Chen Shan Qing looked at him, and away, did not answer. Ni Hiroshima Azusa nature is failing is not around, Yu Qian sister waited for him for so many years, how to say to leave on the left, was forced anxious, Chen Shan Qing is one: “inappropriate.”

Jin Ling in the side of caution advised him not nosy. He remembered that two parallel lines never intersect, no longer continue to struggle Chen Yu Qian things.

Back a long time, some of the harsh words began to spread into his ears. Rural residents usually austere nothing short Li parents sat together in the East, and said Chen Shan Qing problem is not the body have psychological problems, twenties men are not talking about girlfriend.

He certainly know that these rumors are groundless. Those who want to own the daughter bitch introduced to Chen Shan Qing, Chen Shan Qing refused, they went scandalous, called Renyankewei. He had to discuss with Kim Ling introduced his girlfriend to help him when he put the girl introduced to Chen Shan Qing, when not enough time to explain what he wanted, Chen Shan Qing suddenly lost his temper, and indifferent to withdraw leave. From small to large, it was his first time he lost his temper, he seems to be doing wrong?

Since then, he no longer dared to mention his girlfriend to help him things.

Chen Shan Qing has started dating some women, one by one, Yan thin ring of fat, has its advantages, but there is no more than a month.

Looked at Chen Shan Qing and gradually cooled down face, his heart is also very hard to accept.

Jin Ling was required at this time married, they have five years of the bar association. However, he still can not, they began an unprecedented cold. He actually happy relaxed.

Many things are bystander gamesters.

Such as a flat piece of quiet rural River, has been waiting for the start of the story – Rural River, recent unprecedented roar broke out suddenly, the flood came wave after wave, the Ping River township residents away batch after batch .

Such beautiful, intelligent Jin Ling, she will be early this story more insight, but she was too self-confident, she also guess the outcome. She found Chen Shan Qing, her boyfriend’s boss, straight to the point:

“Chen Shan Qing, I want you to let Ni Hiroshima Azusa, after all not to disturb him.”

Chen Shan Qing inexplicably: “What I let go of him, and why not bother him?”

“Chen Shan Qing, the way you calculate what his Pa? Can you give him what you want to afford him? Or that you are willing for him to give up everything you have right now, if not, please stay away from him, let him happy, okay? “Jin Ling is Capricorn, overconfident conceited pretty Scorpion girl. She wanted to celebrate as long as Chen Shan Ni Hiroshima no longer appears in Azusa life, she’ll be happy.

Chen Shan Qing jade looking usual gentle, charming shy Jin Ling, now resolutely aggressive look. Incredible moment, she could be as he himself put it sharply fuzzy hazy mind. He knew that this is pure, lovely, kind-hearted girl was like angels do? Or that has been chasing Ni Hiroshima Azusa, persistent feelings of high school Xiaohua do?

See Chen Shan Qing long time not to answer, Kim Ling bite the bullet and loudly: “Chen Shan Qing, you do not is a downright selfish, he always treated you as a brother, I hope you can find a good marriage for girls, a good happy life down, and then their own peace of mind and then married, but How about you, you not only do not receive his love, but also on his mind there are so dirty, you’re such a treat his frank do? with stress in their own way spoil him goodness, so that he can not leave you alone into the marriage …… ”

“I will not leave him, but as he had hoped, I will get married, you can go.” Chen Shan Qing sitting behind a desk, LCD computer wide screen blocking his head slightly bowed, Kim Ling see his expression. He promised to marry, then good, Jin Ling turned to leave, the pace smooth and elegant, she has returned to the abdominal poetry, luxurious, pleasant temperament girl.

Chen Shan Qing to get married, Ni Hiroshima Azusa mildly entertaining to this news, as if the eye day thunderbolt.

Ni Zi attend Hiroshima has been off work, rushed into the company go out into the floor running. See the lights still lit in his office, relieved to know he must still working overtime: “Shan Qing brother.”

Chen Shan Qing was sitting at his desk, looked up and behold, it was him, smiled and motioned him to come.

“Hiroshima Azusa come, come sit. Recent work how about?”

Ni Hiroshima Azusa deadpan walked in, did not sit, did not speak, but his eyes looked at him zhengzheng seem Chen Shan Qing where they went.

Chen Shan Qing did not feel right, while finishing the information at hand side asked: “If encounter any difficulties at work, just like I said, just started working I definitely would be a lot of grievances, but everything and me.” Tone or full of spoiled.

Ni Hiroshima Azusa still no answer.

Chen Shan Qing raised his head, and finally found him today is different from the usual indifferent calm, the body with an overbearing anger. He walked out desk, smiled and asked him how, and reached out to touch his head as usual.

He Touyi Wai, escaped his touch.

“Shan Qing brother, why did you get married so soon?”

Chen Shan Jiang Qing smile on his face, the hand embarrassing recovered. He remembered how to ask this? Explore eyes look into Hiroshima Azusa clean eyes, black and white of the eye is very pure. Like from the inside out one o’clock spider ant tracks, Ni Hiroshima Azusa dark and the beads of a turn, do not want to let him know his thoughts.

“Why can not I get married so soon?” Tone of displeasure.

“Shan Qing brother, you know just how long to find out about each other do? Chose to get married.” He and Jin Ling exchanges for almost six years, he still can not decide to get married, Shan Qing brother with that woman recognize up to five days, how to get married?

“Hiroshima Azusa, can you do Jijiwaiwai in front of me, and had to give my girlfriend is your introduction, asked me why I want to get married is you, you really are thinking of how ah?” Chen Shan Qing corrective live Ni Hiroshima Azusa collar, questioning.

Yes, ah, he was gonna do it? He does not know. But the thought of Chen Shan Qing would later with the other girls from morning till evening, the end of life remaining there so long. He does? And Kim Ling also married, had finished the rest of my life. Two people will always contrary, just like the broken two years in general. Later, he had his marriage, he will also have their own families …… so, really upset, so, thinking a moment, his face serious, said:

“I do not know, but I think you should not love that girl fishes, but since not love, why get married?”

Chen Shan Qing like to hear a joke like, let go of his collar, turned unbridled laughter.

“Ni Hiroshima Azusa, what you are my people? Me if I love her, and off you anything?”

“You are my brother ah Qing Shan?” He almost blurted out, he hopes he can happiness.

“Damn.” He cursed one, one of his into a corner, anger rushing to say: “Ni Hiroshima Azusa, you listen, I’m not your brother what the future do not call my brother, my parents have a relationship with your parents do? Why do you call me brother? ”

He was suddenly broke his anger frightened, squeezed tightly in the corner of the body has been Bengzhuo. All along he was told his brother ah? Screamed even he granted his brother when he was a. However, he is right also that they do no relation, he is trusted in themselves grew up with him, hoping that he can be happy only, since he did not want, Bale Bale, he is not a Ni Zi likes to Hiroshima officious person.

Thought here, he broke out of his hand, ran to the outside.

Way back, he even met Chen Yu Qian, she smiled and asked: “Hey, Hiroshima Azusa, long time no see, how are you?”

Ni Hiroshima Azusa did not answer, sadly the bottom head. Chen Yu Qian Chen enterprises saw behind him, seems to understand what, or askew Da Lielie tone: “Hiroshima Azusa, go out and get together, right?”

Ni Hiroshima Azusa did not answer, perhaps Chen Shan Ching has been waiting for her, and now she came back, he should really celebrate Chan Shan really married now. Thought here, he felt like a fool, ran without looking back.

But he was wrong, Chen Yu Qian already married, this came back to visit relatives, she married a home slope boss, an older enough to be her father’s old man, but she said she was very happy.

Happiness? Some say the word finally happy.

Chen Yu Qian sister sitting when she and Chen Shan Qing confirm relationships restaurant, Cloud Tan Delicate year to talk about things.

That she and Chen Shan Qing actually had feelings only to maintain their high school graduation. Here, she thought for a moment under the head, raised his head still look bright smile asked: “Are you with Shan Qing brother does, how about?”

“I was with him, how can you like?” Ni Hiroshima Azusa smile, “he is getting married.”

“Marriage? Him to be married to whom?” Chen Yu Qian actually feel very strange.

“Did not know how long with a girl.”

Chen Yu Qian Zi observed a moment Ni Hiroshima, suddenly change the subject. “Hiroshima Azusa, you know my brother and Shan Qing why did you break up?”

“Do not know.” He asked numerous times, he always said is inappropriate, improper, inappropriate! Unsuitable he was tired, tired and upset answer Chen Yu Qian words.

“Because you!” Chen Yu Qian looked at him a look of impatience, not mince words.

Ni Zi Hiroshima looked up at her unknown so, what he did destroy something wrong between them?

Chen Yu Qian Zi looked Ni Hiroshima confused expression, shook his head: “It seems he was nothing to tell you, I really admire him, so many years, he should also absurd to look for a married woman.”

Ni Hiroshima Azusa did not understand her words, tentatively asked: “Yu Qian sister, you say what? What do you mean?”

“Some things, you still ask him yourself, I have to go, he was still waiting for me outside.” Chen Yu Qian looked out that Singapore and the old man smiled and nodded, Hiroshima on Ni Zi said, then got up and left the.

Ni Zi sitting alone in Hiroshima made a long stay there, think back to their stories, wordless high school, a beautiful junior high school, wild childhood. Some confusion, some relieved, some fear, ignorance. Then went ahead to celebrate the company towards Chen Shan ran.

Since the last time with him in the office after an argument, two people fall into the Cold War. Naturally he did not go to his company, but now, some things, he must figure out.

“Shan Qing brother.” He can not change that has been used in the title.

Chen Shan Qing collating information is on the table and saw him, face muscles unnatural and shook him how again?

“Shan Qing brother, you sure you want to get married?” Straight to the point.

Chen Shan Qing heard these words, the gas is not an out, come out from the desk, grabbed him by the collar, ferocious stare at him: “Ni Hiroshima Azusa, why are you always in front of me Huanghuang leisurely , just to get married this thing, you find me a few times, you say?

“I’ve seen Yu Qian sister.” He does not answer questions.

Yu Qian, he had seen, and that he was to hear anything? His eyes look a little look natural Ni Hiroshima Azusa: “So what?”

He bowed his head, bite Yaochun. “Shan Qing brother, I want to know, why did you break up, and Yu Qian sister.” He wanted to personally hear him tell us why.

“Why should I tell you and you go, I want to see you.” He turned back to him.

He drum gas courage: “Chen Shan Qing, you are not in love with me?” This is the first time he called his name.

What? Chen Shan Qing turned quickly looked at him trembling, Yu Qian told him what? “Yu Qian told you what?”

“No, she did not say anything. Just let me ask you, But Shan Qing brother, because if you do not like me, why I’m so good, why not get married now? Why has not asking for anything to help me? Like You say, I am not what you people, so do you like me??? ”

“So what.” Chen Shan Qing Kai tune tone, frivolous hand stroked his seductive skin on, he was so beautiful, almost gentle voice can drop water: “liked How? Hiroshima Azusa, How can you do? ”

“Chen Shan Qing, you …… you ……” He was Chen Shan Qing sudden movement scared, you do not have a long time to say a word. He can how? Want to do everything possible to know how? They will not have the results of ah.

Chen Shan Qing reflected eleven will look in his eyes, eyes sweeping movements skipped a disappointment, release him: “Ni Hiroshima Azusa, you go, I Chen Shan Qing never want to see you later.” His voice cautiously, but with a kind of resolutely apodictic tone.

Ni Hiroshima Zi watched him back to his back, and my heart can not tell what it is, he wanted to go on clinging to him, but he did not dare, can not. Had turned and ran out.

Behind Chen Shan Qing files on the desk full plop to the ground.

Chen Shan Qing were not married. Rumors more and more fiercely.

Jin Ling Zi finally stand Ni Hiroshima feelings can never promise to pursue their chosen Cheng Zhi has been left.

Ni Hiroshima Azusa not work all day to stay in the room all day cranky: Maybe this is what they grew up with these kids grow to large destination, they find their own happiness.

But Ni Hiroshima Azusa it? Chen Shan Qing it? Their happiness how to write?

Two people in Pingxiang stalemate, not a home I do not marry you.

Third, you sure do not love me?

What is right? What is wrong?


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